Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thank You

I have to say a big "Thank You" to all you supporters who have bared with me, brightened the day when it seemed it was all going wrong & even lent a hand. Jennifer Alexander, (a wonderful gal who I think has all my freebies), was able to snag Bubba & Shugga before my hard drive gone bad decided to hold them hostage and pirates decided to give to them to all their friends. So now they are back home and have been given to those who requested them. Enjoy!! :)

I also have to thank some of the designers/site owners ~
*Lianne @ 3 Scrapateers
*Robin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs
*Laura @ The Digi Chick
*Mirranda @ Yesterday Remembered
*Brenda @ Addicted to Digital and
*Raechel @ SBB
They were all very helpful in re-activating links to recent orders that also got held hostage. I was amazed at the quick responses I received. I sent out a request to re-activate links to hostage kits last Sunday, and had them re-activated by Monday from every designer but one. I still have yet to hear from her, even though I sent a second email. :( I'm hoping it's because she's very busy with her everyday life and not just ignoring a customer request. I love her work, but honestly, whether or not I get a reply will depend on if I buy from her again.

As for the Dell, I got it working (YEAH!!). It's so nice to have a faster computer. I was getting so frustrated every time I opened up PSP & began working on a paper. I had to work in 200 dpi, because 300 was too big & made the old one run extremely slow. Not anymore!!

Well, the kids are with their Grandma for the weekend, hubby is off playing disc golf with his buddies & I have a few hours of uninterrupted scrapping to do!

Have a good one....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just My Luck

This has been one heck of a week!
On Monday & Tuesday I had been backing up all my junk on my hard drive; burning it all on CD's when I ran out of CD's. Wednesday my mother gave me her old Dell (which isn't all that old, maybe 3 or 4 yrs), and I tried hooking up my hard drive. It didn't work. The computer wasn't recognizing it. Thursday I took the computer in to the computer guy who has a shop in the same complex where I work & has done work on our company computers. The computer guy needed more time to run the diagnostics, and said come back Friday.
Friday morning before work I sit down to send an add to P4D & CS yahoo groups. I offered my freebies again, all that had to be done was to send me an email asking for them. I then went to my back-up hard drive, which has EVERYTHING on it & the drive I didn't get everything onto CD's, and it wasn't there!! Now the computer it's been in for the past year or so, is telling me the hard drive is no longer in existence! So I take that out to bring to the computer guy to check out. Friday afternoon he tells me the hard drive for the Dell is all set & ready to have Windows loaded (Yeah!!), but the second hard drive (the one with EVERYTHING on it that didn't get all backed up to CD's), is blitzed. Apparently there is a problem where is isn't getting power & if you can't get power to your hard drive, your computer can't read it. So, all the stuff I didn't get to burn, kits I've recently bought, digital photos of the girls, & my Bubba & Shugga freebie paper pack are trapped inside the hard drive that isn't getting power so my computer will know it's there & let me get at these things.
Geeze Louise!
And to end the week with a bang, the hard drive in the Dell, (which is suppose to be OK & ready for me to load Windows onto) isn't. I keep getting a "system disk" error. So on Monday, it's back to the computer guy to figure out why the heck things aren't working.
But the really frustrating thing is all the junk on that hard drive I need is just stuck in there. It's not damaged or gone (I hope!), just not accessible. I can have it messed with for an additional $100+, but I just don't have the money for it right now.
Damn computers!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Think, think, think....

I've been feeling a bit like Winnie the Pooh lately ~ Trying to think of a way to let all those who appreciate my freebies, (and have no problem popping on over to my web site to get them) to download them. I've had some good suggestions ~ all those who want the freebies must join my Yahoo newsletter; offer the download, but make it password protected & you must email me for the password, and a few others I can't think of right now. All great ideas. They give me an idea of who is getting the kits, but I don't know who of these might be a member of one of the many yahoo Groups popping up that steal kits. It's so easy to sign up for my Yahoo newsletter under one user name; get the kit & password, then join another under another user name and offer my freebie to that group. It doesn't really take much brains to repackage a kit & redistribute it. I've felt kinda dirty these days thinking like a criminal to find a way to bypass them!! I really want you all to have the Left Shoe freebie & Bubba & Shugga is an awesome paper pack (if I don't say so myself!!) I don't want anyone to miss out.
So, I go back to tapping my head and pacing back in forth ~ "Think, think, think...."

PS ~ Any other suggestions to offering the freebies are greatly appreciated! :O)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not Again!!

All right. I'm going to be blunt ~ I'm pissed off!! I was just informed that another Yahoo group, 2divasgraphics, are now stealing my Left Shoe freebie. I thought putting up a Rapid Share link would discourage it since it is a bit of work getting to the download from there. But apparently not. They had the gall to send an email out to their members that basically was my web page with the graphics & links. They were even so kind as to inform their members that the links were Rapid Share links! I realize these are free. I'm giving them away. But the point of me giving them away on my web site is to get you there. To also browse through my shop and hopefully buy something (especially now that the entire store is 40% off!!). Is it really so hard to mention that FernLili has a great freebie and you can get it at her site and here is the URL to it??? Pinheads!
So for now there are again no freebies. I appoligize for my ranting. Please continue on with your day & don't let this bum you out...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Design Team Member (kinda)

Announcing a new designer at FernLili's! Savannah has officially joined me in designing some of my awesome kits & freebies. (She doesn't know it yet!) I have a new freebie paper pac (coming this Saturday to the Emporium), and was stuck on a name, so I went to my very reliable source ~ Savannah. She came up with the name "Bubba & Shugga". Which I thought was pretty catchy. So after making the preview, looking at the papers and the name I thought she should become an official designer at FernLili's! She's has a huge influence on the names, colors & designs of my last few kits & the current freebie "Left Shoe". So, tomorrow morning I will inform her she is now an official designer (or would co-designer be more like it??) in the Emporium. And without much further ado, here is a peek at the newest freebie Bubba & Shugga ~

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Day to Scrap

I spent all day yesterday scrapping. And got only 2 layouts done!! This blasted computer is soooo slow, it took forever to get them done. Some day I'll be able to upgrade, but until then...
These are pictures of the girls when they were babies. I've been trying to work on getting as much of them scrapped as I can before they reach their 20's!! At the rate I'm going though, it'll be close! LOL. So here they are for your viewing pleasure ~

*Rustic Charm freebie by Shelle Pukas *frame from Arboretum Guide freebie by Sara Batdorf *bow & flower (recolored) from Shabby Secrets by Eve Recinella

*Jelly Babies by Mari K

And incase you haven't heard, I have the entire store on sale for the month of April. All kits, elements, minis & paper packs will be 40% off until the end of the month. A perfect time to stock up!