Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cool Weather, Sunshine & Rain

Ahhh, the beauty of living in Arizona. It is currently a warm 97 degrees, sunny & raining!! I looked for a rainbow, but haven’t seen one yet. The youngest 2 girls are outside playing in the rain, one of the joys I never really got to do as a kid growing up in New England. The cool weather is a nice relief. It’s been an average of 110 lately. It looks like fall may finally be arriving!! Yeah!!
I haven’t been doing much scrapping lately. I’ve been on the computer so much lately, both at work & home; my right hand is beginning to cramp. I guess maybe it could be carpal {sp?} tunnel, the muscle in my middle finger from the knuckle to my wrist starts to really hurt & cramp now. The downfall of enjoying technology ;(
I did get a scrapbook page done, although it took me the entire week to complete!! Every time I’ve sat down to scrap some pics, I just stare at the screen & nothing. No ideas, no inspiration, no mojo. So I decided to pop on over to We Digi Dare Ya & last week they had a great dare. To find an artist, style, technique, or topic that you have wanted to try but haven’t yet and try to SCRAP LIKE THAT! And to use products from at least one designer you’ve never tried before. Bingo! I’ve always wanted to scrap just one picture with lots of “do dads” around it. Kinda like they were just thrown there, and I had just done some shopping at Funky Playground & Lily Pad, so I had some new “do dads” to play with. I didn’t get the LO done in time to get the fab freebie, but hey, a LO got completed!! LOL

Here’s my newest LO of Riley ~

Credits ~ background paper – Funky Playground Sept. Goodie Box; frame, proverb heart – Jess Bolton; paper flower – Ann deJong; tatty bow – Syrin; stitched flowers – Traci Murphy; blanket stitch – Kate Hadfield; knotted ribbon, graphic rub-on – Little Dreamer Designs; hook & eye, string – Linda Gil Billdal; stitches cluster – Natali; bow in eyelets – Alma Townsend; tag & pin – Miss Mint

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The "Good Ol' Days"

Boy, are there days when I wish the girls were still toddlers. Life was so much easier then!! No constant bickering & picking, no dramas over hair & wardrobe, {OK, a little from Savannah, but she’s ALWAYS been a Drama Queen!! LOL}, and the most running around we did was to the grocery store, Target, Grandma’s & the park. Now, I’m at work by 7:45am and on my way home about 4:30 or 5:00pm, but first I run over to the elementary school to pick up Darien from after school activities, then to the middle school to get Riley from volleyball, then home to whip up a nutritious & yummy dinner, and back out again to take Savannah to either tumbling or cheer practice. Getting computer time has also become harder now that the kids need it for school. When I do get my turn, I’m too tired to think!! I have just enough energy to read my emails!! They’re not too happy with me taking over the computer for the entire weekend, but it is what it is.
I’m glad my girls {especially Savannah, who’s now 14} are getting into sports; it keeps them out of trouble, but sheesh! I’ve lost all my “Me Time”!! I don’t even have it in the morning like I used to because the girls are getting up at 5:30am, just after I do! Sleep-overs with friends have become a welcomed relief!
But enough griping, since it’s a long weekend {thank goodness, I REALLY needed it!!} I was able to finish up 2, yes 2, projects I’ve been working on. Many of the kids have either started back to school, or will be soon, so I have goodies perfect for such an occasion. Another 2 8X8 Kwick Stick Mini Albums!! The first one was made with my
Magic Marker paper pack, plus elements from both freebies & various element packs. {Download below} And because this is Labor Day weekend when most designers have sales, and I haven’t had time to set one up, there is another Kwick Stik Mini Album in my store!! Made with Study Hall Paper Pack, this too is great for back to school pictures. {Click image to be taken to FernLilis} So, enjoy, have a wonderful weekend, I’m off for a BBQ with my Mom & 2 sisters.

grab magic marker kwick stik mini album here

{Thank you for your interest in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.}