Sunday, August 27, 2006

Latest in the Emporium

I've just hired another CTM ~ Anni. She's from Germany & creates wonderful layouts! (Just 2 LOs to date for me, but boy do they look good!) I wasn't looking for a new CTM (I'm so slow lately in getting kits out with everything going on in my life!!) but Leslie has stepped down from her position as CTM to concentrate on her pregnancy. She's been trying to start a family for some time now & is going to have twins!! (Congrats to her!!) Anni contacted me, saying she'd love to join the team, so she's now filling Leslie's spot. If you'd like to read a bit more about Anni check out my About page. And check out her Gallery here.
I'm also working on a new kit. But who knows when that'll get done!! LOL!!! Be on the lookout for it ~ since it's so hot today & the girls have decided to "park it" (my Mother's term! LOL) on the couch & watch DVDs, I have a day to create!! YEAH!!!!!

So catcha later Dudettes!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Layout ~ Finally

It seems like forever since I've created a layout! I just never have enough time for everything. Now I know I never could've worked while the girls were babies. But anyway, on to my layout. I got some pics of the girls by Grandma's pool the end of July. Naturally there are a bunch of posed pics, but I did manage to snap one of Darien that wasn't! She thought I was adjusting the camera when I snapped this shot. It's the ones where they have no idea I'm shooting I like best. So here it is, I used my newest kit ~ Bandana Pajamas in the Emporium now. (Word tags not included in kit. I made those just for this LO)

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have to get this out ~ I've noticed many designers now giving away more and more freebies on their Blogs. This I think is a great idea; doesn't bother me at all. In fact a couple were giving away whole kits, a download a day. Again, this doesn't really bug me. What bothers me is them "begging" for praise. Each time they put up a link for their Blog freebie they also add a "please give me some love if you download". Please. Sorry if I offend anyone, but isn't the fact they're downloading the freebie & posting layouts in galleries (crediting the Designer) praise enough? Now I'm not saying I don't want those who download my freebies (or buy a kit) to send me their thanks and appreciation, I enjoy reading them, but I'm not going to stoop to begging for it either. I want those who comment to do so because they are kind enough to let me know how they feel about my post or kit, not because I've guilted them into leaving "some love".
So, I'm done crabbing about begging for complements, now on to the good stuff....
This Sunday I'm having a 30% off sale on everything, including the new kit, Bandana Pajamas. And I'm adding a new freebie ~ Pity Party. Oh, and I've added some older kits to the Sale Rack at a huge discounted price. So stop by on Sunday, check things out, maybe buy a kit or 2, and grab the freebie. (And you don't have to leave me "some love" unless you want to!!)
Geeze, should give you a look at them, right??!! Here is Bandana Pajamas & the freebie, Pity Party ~

Bandana Pajamas

OK, Blogger is being fickle & won't let me upload the preview of Pity Party. :( Guess you'll have to check it out on Sunday, unless later today it let's me upload....