Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just My Luck

This has been one heck of a week!
On Monday & Tuesday I had been backing up all my junk on my hard drive; burning it all on CD's when I ran out of CD's. Wednesday my mother gave me her old Dell (which isn't all that old, maybe 3 or 4 yrs), and I tried hooking up my hard drive. It didn't work. The computer wasn't recognizing it. Thursday I took the computer in to the computer guy who has a shop in the same complex where I work & has done work on our company computers. The computer guy needed more time to run the diagnostics, and said come back Friday.
Friday morning before work I sit down to send an add to P4D & CS yahoo groups. I offered my freebies again, all that had to be done was to send me an email asking for them. I then went to my back-up hard drive, which has EVERYTHING on it & the drive I didn't get everything onto CD's, and it wasn't there!! Now the computer it's been in for the past year or so, is telling me the hard drive is no longer in existence! So I take that out to bring to the computer guy to check out. Friday afternoon he tells me the hard drive for the Dell is all set & ready to have Windows loaded (Yeah!!), but the second hard drive (the one with EVERYTHING on it that didn't get all backed up to CD's), is blitzed. Apparently there is a problem where is isn't getting power & if you can't get power to your hard drive, your computer can't read it. So, all the stuff I didn't get to burn, kits I've recently bought, digital photos of the girls, & my Bubba & Shugga freebie paper pack are trapped inside the hard drive that isn't getting power so my computer will know it's there & let me get at these things.
Geeze Louise!
And to end the week with a bang, the hard drive in the Dell, (which is suppose to be OK & ready for me to load Windows onto) isn't. I keep getting a "system disk" error. So on Monday, it's back to the computer guy to figure out why the heck things aren't working.
But the really frustrating thing is all the junk on that hard drive I need is just stuck in there. It's not damaged or gone (I hope!), just not accessible. I can have it messed with for an additional $100+, but I just don't have the money for it right now.
Damn computers!


~*~ Coralee ~*~ said...

I know it's easy to say, But try not to panic too much. It is retrevable. Sweetie, if I had a spare $100 I would give it to you without a doubt ! I know how it feels to be with out the PC. To help I just went and bought the Kit Zephyrus from you shop.....I love It! Can't Wait to Play with it! I hope it all works out for you and I will post a Help Fernlili on my blog, That way you might get your PC back sooner than you think! Good Luck Sweetie!

Maria said...

oh my gosh, the same thing happened to me and Im dealing it with it at the moment. My computer is also a dell, unfortunately Dell uses Maxtor hard drives, which I just found out really last only for a year and half then crashes. I lost most of my layouts, but I am copying and doing save as to hopefully print it out. I lost all my kits (including my collection of your freebies) I did burn but my cd burner was broken and it finally started working, the day I bought my cdrs is the day the damn thing crash. A computer guy looked at it and did all kinds of test, it is broken unfortunately with my documents inside. It can be retrieved but Ive been shopping around and it is most likely going to cost me around 500 dollars. they have to open it up in a very sterile environment. So I really emphatize with you.