Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not Again!!

All right. I'm going to be blunt ~ I'm pissed off!! I was just informed that another Yahoo group, 2divasgraphics, are now stealing my Left Shoe freebie. I thought putting up a Rapid Share link would discourage it since it is a bit of work getting to the download from there. But apparently not. They had the gall to send an email out to their members that basically was my web page with the graphics & links. They were even so kind as to inform their members that the links were Rapid Share links! I realize these are free. I'm giving them away. But the point of me giving them away on my web site is to get you there. To also browse through my shop and hopefully buy something (especially now that the entire store is 40% off!!). Is it really so hard to mention that FernLili has a great freebie and you can get it at her site and here is the URL to it??? Pinheads!
So for now there are again no freebies. I appoligize for my ranting. Please continue on with your day & don't let this bum you out...


Leslie said...

That really ticked me off.
In as much as I love getting freebies, I think you made the right move of not offering them. At least for while, just to teach those stealers some lesson.
You know what, my brother-in-law who's been digiscrapping lately always asks me to share the kits I have been receiving from my CT. I may seem selfish to him by me not sharing, but isn't that the point. What I did was to give him all the lists of websites that he can DL from and eventually, he stopped bugging me.
Cheer up!

Laura said...

I HATE THIS!!! You work hard to produce something and then someone else takes credit. Someone needs to come up with a way so that when "ligit" people want to use your freebie you can give them a password or make them request it directly from you. I don't know what the answer is but for people on a budget that only let themselves order 4 kits a month, those freebies are a HUGH help to us. I am so sorry that those type of people ruin it for those of us who appreciate all you do.

Anonymous said...

:( I'm sorry people have been taking your wonderful creations. I just cannot understand this because they are "Free" and they don't have to pay in the first place, so why steal free things? :(

They ruin the fun for all of us, including the designers.

Thank you for your kind efforts (As I was lucky enough to get the freebies) and I am so sad that people had to steal them, STILL!


way2coolgrany said...

I'm suprised you're so calm..I'd be 'venting' alot worse than that in fact the keyboard wold be in flames...I will NEVER understand what is so darn hard to just say ..Hey there's a great freebie at so-n-so's site or blog I'm so sorry for you Please know that there are MANY who are greatful for you talents & generosity for sharing them

Pam said...

So sorry that you have had this happen to you.
I think that people who steal kits and put them on Yahoo are "Attention Junkies", they probably get a kick out of the rest of the group telling them that they love the things that they have posted and the "stealers" for some physo. reason need praise from others and as they don't have the talent to create themselves they resort to stealing.
So as well as the anger we feel when we hear about this stealing perhaps we should also feel sorry for the "stealers" as they oviously have a mental problem.

Simple Digital Girl said...

I HATE that! How can people be so dumb?! they truly are missing out on your fabulous kits in your shop by doing this. I agree with Laura, you should have people email you for the password, that way you will know who is downloading.