Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the Holiday Mood & a Freebie!

Today in {usually} sunny Arizona, it is cloudy & a cool 69 degrees. It feels like rain, which makes me think of snow, which makes me shiver! I grew up in New England, and hated the cold, shoveling snow, and being holed up in the house for days during storms with no electricity. Don't get me wrong, I think fresh fallen snow in New England is absolutely beautiful, I just no longer want to be in the middle of it!! LOL

I feel bad that the girls haven't had a chance to experience it though. Hubby & I keep saying that one day we will take them up north when the snows fall, but have yet to make it there. Maybe this will be the year!!

Anyway, as I'm "bundling up" {which means I'm wearing shoes with socks & a sweatshirt!} and going through files on my computer, I found a gem. I had this kit setting on my hard drive for Lord knows how long, & given how the day feels, it's the perfect freebie!! Chill Factor is a full kit of icy cool papers, elements & an adorable snowman drawn by my oldest, Savannah!

**{Thank you for your interest in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.}**


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where Oh Where Have I Been???

Sorry to all those who were followers of my Blog. Life just sometimes gets away from you. My very busy, very stressful job is no more. Yeah!! :) And boo :(
Like so many, our company had fallen on tough times & some of us were let go. Now to find another job. Not all that easy. But in my down time, I am getting back to scrap booking!!! Yeah!!
I am currently freshening up my site. Not any huge changes, just a few little ones & I've re-worked a couple of my older kits. I've got to get back into the groove of designing ~ I have so many ideas in my head I feel my thoughts need organizing!! LOL
On the personal side, all this free time has allowed me to be there for the girls more, like in the old days when I didn't have a "real job". Today I took the younger 2 to a small park near the house. They were so excited. {it's nice that a 10 & 12 year old never get tired of the park!!} This one had a tire swing & that was the major appeal. Most of the parks have had them taken out. Apparently they've been a safety issue. Crazy, I know. Swings & slides can be pretty dangerous, too. Anyway, I had to get some pics & got some pretty goods ones too. The youngest, Darien, was not as cooperative. She'd rather play & run around then pose for Mom. So I don't have as many pics of her as I do of my photogenic, camera loving middle child, Riley. Now, had Savannah been there, the camera would've been full of her pics!! LOL
I'm off to finish my construction. Until next time....
{Hopefully it won't be so long!!}