Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Natural Talent

Tomorrow is the 1st of March, and I usually have a new freebie up by the first of the month. But I have been running behind all month & haven't yet caught up. Right now my attitude is "I'll get to it when I get to it." Plus, tonight I decided to scrap a terrific picture Savannah (my oldest) took last week or so. I have to admit, I'm jealous of her natural talent. I have always wanted to be a good photographer and have tried to learn what I can to improve my skills. And here is my 12 year old, running out in the yard, pointing & shooting & getting the most incredible photos with nearly no effort! She claims she can't take good pictures of people, just scenery, but I have some great pics she has taken of her sisters. And so, along with immense pride, comes my small bit of green jealousy for a natural talent I, too, wish I had.

{Neighborhood Sunset}

Ronnie McCray's Earth's Breadbasket.

Silver brads & staples from my American Pride & Be Cool kits.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Day to Myself

The girls went to their cousins' for the day & hubby was off playing disc golf. So I had an entire day to myself. And what did I do with a whole day to myself you ask? LAUNDRY!! That's right, I spent the entire day getting every single bit of laundry done & off the laundryroom floor. (And since our washer & dryer are in the garage, our laundryroom floor is very big!!) But don't despair, in between loads I was able to make a preview of my new kit, upload it to the website & zip up all the contents. You wouldn't think that would take a whole day, but my computer crapped out on me awhile ago, so I took over the girls', which is a bit slow. And I did take a nap for an hour!! I was going to scrap wedding pics of hubby & me (our 13th anniversary is March 13!!!), but felt too lazy. Maybe next time. So... if the suspense of what the entire new kit looks like has been killing you, here is a preview of 'What-eVer' ~ (haven't those of us with pre-teens & teens heard that more times that we care to remember??)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Late Milestones

My girls have all been late on certian 'growing up' milestones. Such as getting hair. They were virtually bald until the age of one. First hair cut to put in the baby books?? That never happened until they were 6 or 7 & had hair to cut! They were also about a year old before they got their first baby tooth. As a result, they lost their first baby tooth at about age 6. Except the youngest, Darien. She is 7, never had a "first hair cut" (not that she'd let me cut it anyway!), or lost her first tooth. Many kids in her 2nd grade class have lost as many as 10! So now she's convinced she has a loose tooth. It's not really. But I play along, 'cause, Hey I don't want to burst her loose tooth bubble! :) One of the milestones she's also late on is riding a 2 wheeler. And I can completely understand. I didn't want to let go of my training wheels either until I was 7. But the other Hubby took her out & helped her ride her new bike solo. And SHE DID IT!! She was so proud of herself & proudly posed while I tried to get a good shot of the event. Unfortunately, I got only 2 pictures that actually had her in them & they're not all that great. So, she has to take Daddy & the bike out of the backyard & give it another try so I can get some better pics! So here she is; my "baby" riding solo ~

Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Peek

I thought I'd tease everyone just a bit more with the new kit! Here is just a small dose of the elements that will be in it. You can get a look at the entire kit when it arrives in the Emporium Monday (2/27), so be sure to look for it!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I've had this terrific kit ~ Wild Child Paisley from Melany Violette ~ for a while now & didn't know what to scrap with it. I just loved to pull it up on the computer and look at the awesome papers & elements, then try to think of what pictures would do it justice. Well, since I've been working on scrapping hubby & me, I decided these (again old) pics from a mall photo booth would look great with the kit. I was such a funky little thing. Sadly, I'm no longer little and much less funky :( Having kids can do that to a gal! Now my focus is on the girls having decent up-to-date styles, while I get whatever fits & doesn't look like Mrs. Roper would wear it!! Actually, I'm now a basic jeans & tee-shirt or blouse kinda gal. Luck for me I work in a very relaxed office & don't have to wear the "office" attire! YUCK!! Well, enough of my rambling. I'm off to watch House & my favorite ~ 24!
Until next time....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Little Teaser

I had a bit of time to scrap a layout using a bit of my upcoming new kit, just to tease a bit! I also dug up a photo of hubby & me. So it's from 15 years ago, but hey, I've got to start somewhere!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Quick Note

Hubby is taking the girls to school today, so I have a few minutes to upload a layout I did a few weeks ago. I had a comment on a previous post that there are no layouts of hubby & I. How true! I was just thinking about how I have so few of them. And none that are recent. I think the last photo of us was over a year ago!! So I'm going to work on getting out from behind the camera & get more pics of the two of us. And I'm working on scrapping our wedding photos. But until then, enjoy another layout of the girls ~

{A Perfect Shot}
All papers & elements from Mo Jackson.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Check it Out ~ A Sneak Peek!

As slow as things have been going lately, I've finally completed a new kit!! Yeah!!! But I'm not letting you see it all ~ yet. I thought I'd tease you all by previewing some of the papers. Although it took me for, like, eVer to get it done, I had fun making this kit. Check it out, and maybe I'll tease you with a peek at a bit more of the kit a little bit later. :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Boy, when I made the decision to go back to working outside the home, I knew it would be a big adjustment, but it has been eating up all my time to scrap & create!! I've been working on a new kit for February (I started it mid Jan.!), have been trying to get some pictures scrapped, and wanted to "pretty up" my Blog. So far I've failed on 2 of these tasks (I managed to scrap 2 pics). I just don't have the time any more to pump out new kits. Just the other day Riley (my 9 yr old) told me that I spend more time "playing "on the computer than with them. Talk about a huge guilt trip!! So I've been trying to cut down on my computer time & increase my "girl time". I was lucky enough to be able to spend their "baby" years at home with them, & in a way they've been spoiled knowing I was always there & available to do things like volunteer at their school. I'd show you my 2 newest layouts, but I'm having trouble uploading pics! They'll have for the next post!