Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thank You

I have to say a big "Thank You" to all you supporters who have bared with me, brightened the day when it seemed it was all going wrong & even lent a hand. Jennifer Alexander, (a wonderful gal who I think has all my freebies), was able to snag Bubba & Shugga before my hard drive gone bad decided to hold them hostage and pirates decided to give to them to all their friends. So now they are back home and have been given to those who requested them. Enjoy!! :)

I also have to thank some of the designers/site owners ~
*Lianne @ 3 Scrapateers
*Robin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs
*Laura @ The Digi Chick
*Mirranda @ Yesterday Remembered
*Brenda @ Addicted to Digital and
*Raechel @ SBB
They were all very helpful in re-activating links to recent orders that also got held hostage. I was amazed at the quick responses I received. I sent out a request to re-activate links to hostage kits last Sunday, and had them re-activated by Monday from every designer but one. I still have yet to hear from her, even though I sent a second email. :( I'm hoping it's because she's very busy with her everyday life and not just ignoring a customer request. I love her work, but honestly, whether or not I get a reply will depend on if I buy from her again.

As for the Dell, I got it working (YEAH!!). It's so nice to have a faster computer. I was getting so frustrated every time I opened up PSP & began working on a paper. I had to work in 200 dpi, because 300 was too big & made the old one run extremely slow. Not anymore!!

Well, the kids are with their Grandma for the weekend, hubby is off playing disc golf with his buddies & I have a few hours of uninterrupted scrapping to do!

Have a good one....


lukasmummy said...

I have been scrapbooking since August last year and have to say its horrible watching the digital community slowly be destroyed by pirates. I feel so sorry for you and all the other designers being stolen from on a daily basis.

Kris said...

Sounds like it is a little better going for ya...hope you had a great and relaxing weekend...i love digi scrapping .... as for the pirates..why cant the go bug other hobbies...

Anonymous said...

Pirates are malicious and cause so much despair. Keep at the designer ownership. You are right!!

I love your designs.
Thank you