Thursday, March 30, 2006

A New LO

I have this wonderful pic of Savannah when she was 2 years old. I just love it. Her big blue eyes just draw you in, and if I don't say so myself, she's so darn cute!! I used my new Pop.U.lar kit. I was going to do a white space LO, but thought black would be more dramatic. Check it out ~

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making Things Prettier Around Here

I finally got around to making my Blog look more like, well ~ Me!! I used my newest kit called Pop.U.lar (The ripped paper edge is from Steph's paper tearing, and if you get lazy like me, she's done all the work, you just plop the PNG file into your paper & do a little deleting. Easy peasy.) This was another kit Savannah helped me with. She picked out the name & colors and approved the paper designs. Except for the paisley paper. She HATES paisley, and I LOVE it!! And because I'm the designer, the paisley stayed. Check it out in the Emporium.
I'm working on a layout using it, but this flippin' computer is so slow, I can only get a little bit done at a time before I get completely frustrated. So go buy, buy, buy so I can upgrade to a faster computer!! LOL
In the mean time, I'm going to throw in a load of laundry then get back to that layout I'm hoping to get done today. So later Dudettes!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


I've got some venting to do, so here goes....
As usual, I put up a freebie for the month. Downloads were, as usual, heavy the first week, then became steady the following week. I went over my traffic limit a bit that second week, and thought "Great! They're really loving this goodie." I paid for the overage, and had a bit of a swollen head thinking so many more people like my creations. Then last week, my bandwidth went through the roof!! It seemed like every other day I was paying for overages & buying more bandwidth!! After spending over $50.00 in exceeded bandwidth, 2 very kind fellow scrappers emailed me telling me a Yahoo group, ScrappersParadise, was "hotlinking" to my downloads. Now, I'm not living in a box, I've read about this happening to other designers, but was lucky enough to avoid it ~ until now. And not only are these members of ScrappersParadise stealing bandwidth from us, but they have actually had the nerve to give away kits that were for sale!! They don't give a hoot that what they are doing is wrong. They've actually stopped accepting new members unless you have a referral from a current member. And if you've signed up in the past month & have not participated, they will unsub you! They know we're on to them, but also know it is very difficult for us to stop them.
So, as a designer who has been "burned", I beg all who read this & who may be a member of this group, to unsubscribe and put a stop to the piracy so that we may continue to give you the freebies you love & not be forced to raise our prices to cover the losses.

This concludes my ranting & raving for the day. Hope you all have a better day that I've had :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain

I woke up late this morning (7:10), to the sound of rain. Now for some this might not be a big deal, but when you live in AZ & haven't had any for, like, 146 days, rain is a HUGE deal! So after snuggling with Darien ('cause it was the perfect snuggling type morning with the rain & cold & all), I got a bit (just a tiny bit! LOL) of a cleaning bug. I swept & mopped the kitchen floor (which was an embarrassment), threw in some laundry, then sat down & scrapped the rest of the day away. You don't even want to know what the kitchen counter looks like!! Dishes were not on the priorty list today!! So, I've found this great new designer, or maybe I sould say she found me! She emailed me asking to be on my Creative Team and after viewing her gallery I said "YES!!" Then I saw an ad she sent through a Yahoo group for kits she's selling at Addicted to Digital. Her name is Faith True & if you haven't seen her kits, then you should run on over to ATD & check them out. Her kits are so versitile, and awesome you'd never know she's been doing this for just a couple of months!! And they're having a sale this weekend!! So I got one ~ Little Girl Anna ~ and pumped out 2 layouts. Had I not had to stop to switch & fold laundry, feed kids, and go pee a few times, I might have got 1 or 2 more done!! Also, it didn't help that PSP kept freezing when I tried to do a text on a path :( So, enough of the babbling, check out pictires of my oldest, Savannah (who is now 12 1/2!) when she was just a itty babe ~

Monday, March 06, 2006

Treasure Hunting

Well, this weekend I was going to work on my newest kit. But that just never happened. Why? You ask. Because I got totally caught up in hunting for hidden links to an awesome kit over at The Digi Chick. I spend practically the entire weekend on the hunt for those sneaky little links! I made the girls get themselves sandwiches for dinner on Saturday because I didn't want to take time out from my hunting to fix anything!! Then I was up at 6 AM Sunday morning to find the last of my links. I'm not usually this obsessive, and I'm not a big treasure hunter, but Laura made the hunt so much fun & the insentive of an awesome kit helped, too. I also did just a little shopping. Not much, I'm trying to not spend so much, which is sooooo hard with all the great sales popping up everywhere! I grabbed 2 cute kits at The Digi Chick by Mari K. I've been drooling over Jellie Babies for ages now & just had to get it since it was 50% off!! Now I can't wait to play, but have to wait until after work :( Bummer.

I also grabbed her Simple Things kit. It is soooo cute! I have no idea what pics I'm going to use with these kits, but with 3 girls, I pretty sure I'll find something!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Yes, I'm procrastinating on getting the new freebie made ~ much less uploaded! But I feel this evening I have a good excuse for not getting anything done. The girls wanted to "put on some tunes" and dance in the livingroom. My mom used to do this when I was a kid & I loved it! She would put her old 45's on the turntable & teach us dances like the twist, monkey, and mashed potato. It was such a blast to watch mom dance those "corny dances". So I loaded up the CD player with the latest hip tunes & taught the girls the twist, monkey and mashed potato!! And they had a blast watching mom dancing those "corny dances"!! So, I think I'll be up a bit later than usual wrapping up the freebie to be delivered for the weekend. Now, off to work....