Saturday, January 27, 2007

S.W.A.K. for U!

Was wasting the day away playing with one of my older kits 'Stupid Cupid' & made a S.W.A.K. Kwick Stik & card. Thought it was just too cute not to share ~ lucky you!! Well, it wasn't a totally wasted day ~ I did manage to get in a couple of loads of laundry & go to the grocery store, and I did have a little photo shoot with he girls, I will have to upload those pics later.
And before I give you the link to the goodies, I thought I'd give you an update on our niece. She's going to have another surgery on Monday. The doctors are very concerned a cracked vertebrae in her lower spine may cause damage to her spinal cord &/or nerves with any slight movement. So they are going to pin it until it heals. Which means the poor girl will have to be flat on her back for about 2 weeks. I may be a very long 2 weeks for her. But better safe than sorry ~ 2 weeks of immobility is better than a lifetime of paralyses.

So, now for the goodies ~

download here

{Thank you for your interst in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.}

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Thank you all so much for your kind words & prayers. It's much appreciated. Sadly, the girl on life support was pronounced dead about 11:00 am Sunday morning. Our neice is doing OK ~ considering.... We went to visit her last night. She had just recieved a dose of pain meds before we arrived, so was very drowsy, and our visit was short. She had both legs operated on on Monday night & now has 8 pins & a plate in her right leg, and 3 or 4 pins in the left. The also did a full body scan & found she has cracks in her hip, pevis & under her eye socket of the left eye. Nothing threatning, just very painful for her. My SIL is hanging in, trying to deal with it all emotionally while trying not to upset her daughter too much. Hubby has been a terrific suport system to his sister & neice, visiting every day & bringing them little things to help make the going easier ~ like pizza & a fan {the heat is turned WAY up at the hospital!}. I know it's really hard for him to see her hurting like that, but is still being a trooper & trying to help lift spirits.
So, until next time....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sad, Sad Day....

I'm not one to Blog all my family's happenings, but this was just something I needed to get out.
About 6:14 this morning I missed a call from my SIL. I thought it was a bit odd ~ a call from her that early in the morning ~ AND on a Sunday. She is almost NEVER up that early. I was still in bed when the call came through, then went to do laundry & shower before I saw the missed call. Before I was able to return it, Hubby called ~ our 16 yr old niece and 4 other teens were in a terrible car accident about 4 this morning. Details are still a little sketchy, but our niece & a girlfriend told their Moms they were spending the night at another girlfriend's house, but instead went out joy riding with 3 or 4 guy friends. Apparently the car flipped over & our niece & her girlfriend were thrown from the car. The friend is on life support & things do not look very good. Our niece was "lucky". She has multiple scrapes & bruises on her face, {no concussion thank God}, but shattered bones on her right ankle & shattered bones in her left heel. She is currently in surgery & my SIL will know more when she's out. But one thing's for sure ~ she's going to be in a wheelchair for several months and may need both physical & mental therapy. They thought one of the boys was dead at the scene, but they've since gotten some brain activity, so are praying for good news.
Our niece just turned 16 on the 11th, and was so exited about getting her license, now it's going to be months before she can. I told the girls what happened, and can only hope this has an impact on them and they make the right decision if they're ever in a similar situation.
I am off to my Mother's to celebrate her 64th birthday with my sisters, it's a little silver lining on our cloud today.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just Because......

I loved the colors in my newet kit 'Chicklets' & just couldn't stop playing with them. The result? A little sampler for Fans O' Mine!! ;) {Hopefully this will entice you to run on over to the Store & buy the full kit!!!} The link will be available for the next 5 days {until 1/20}. Enjoy!

Grab it here

{Thank you for your interst in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.}

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brrrrrr...Baby It's Cold Outside!!

It has been soooo cold this weekend! If there is one thing I could do without, it's the cold weather ~ LOL! I moved to AZ from MA to get away from the snow & freezing cold, & now we've had 2 days with highs in the low 50's. Yuck. The girls even found a small puddle in the grass from the sprinklers that had frozen!! Not what I wanted to deal with in "sunny Arizona!" I know, I know ~ stop your whining; 50 is a waming trend for many!! LOL. Beause I'm a big baby & won't go out in the cold unless absolutely necessary {like yesterday; I had to go to the grocery store, or we'd starve!} I did get a kit finished! Yeah!!! Chicklets is a pretty cool kit perfect for many kinds of layouts. Check it out & only $6.00 in the Store!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Some New LOs

Since I had a few of you tell me how much you liked Savannah's photos, I thought I'd show you what I did with one. {Plus two more from pics I took!} ~

Credits ~ everyhing from Shabby Princess

Credits ~ papers, felt flowers, blue & green flower, felt corners - Shabby Princess; pinwheel paper flowers, triple bow (recolored) - Fiddlette; stitches - Kathy Moore

Credits ~ papers, tag, straight pin, paint circles, stitches, paper strips, Valery Fowler & Kimberly Girrusso; flower - Sara Jones; stamps - Jan Crowley; tag & string - Taci Simms

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My 3 Beauties

Just before Christmas Savannah was playing around with her camera taking pics of Riley near the Christmas tree. But these weren't your typical "pose in front of the tree" photos, oh no siree. Not when Savannah is the "Photog" {her phrase!} I was so amazed at the shots she got, & then Riley took some of Savannah. Not quite the same caliber, but great shots just the same. I wanted to send them off to the Relos, so asked Savannah to take some of the same of Darien. Darien was being very uncooperative, so Savannah gave up & I took over. Well, let me tell you ~ I got all kinds of criticisms from "Little Miss Photog"! I just couldn't get it right posing Darien, or getting myself in the correct position to take the shot. She actually huffed & left the room!! Diva!! Here is the result {I ajusted to B & W} ~