Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Design Team Member (kinda)

Announcing a new designer at FernLili's! Savannah has officially joined me in designing some of my awesome kits & freebies. (She doesn't know it yet!) I have a new freebie paper pac (coming this Saturday to the Emporium), and was stuck on a name, so I went to my very reliable source ~ Savannah. She came up with the name "Bubba & Shugga". Which I thought was pretty catchy. So after making the preview, looking at the papers and the name I thought she should become an official designer at FernLili's! She's has a huge influence on the names, colors & designs of my last few kits & the current freebie "Left Shoe". So, tomorrow morning I will inform her she is now an official designer (or would co-designer be more like it??) in the Emporium. And without much further ado, here is a peek at the newest freebie Bubba & Shugga ~

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Someday, Savanna will rule the world! I'm enjoying the titles that she's been coming up with.
Btw, love the new paper pack!