Saturday, February 24, 2007


I really don't have much to say today. I've been cleaing up my hard drive, burning kits onto CD. I've got to stop buying them!! I have so many I foget to use some!! LOL
I was going to upload my newest freebie to the store this coming Monday, but had finshed it on Thursday, so I upladed it today. Yeah you guys!!! Check it out ~

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Fun {and Educational} Day Out

We just spent the morning at our local Science Center viewing a totally awesome exhibit ~ Gunther von Hagens "Body Worlds III". If you ever get the chance to see this I encourage you to do so. It's an exhibit with actual bodies {and body parts} that have been preserved through a process called 'plastination', and is a much more interesting way to learn about the human body than reading a text book or medical journal. We went with my mother {an RN}, my older sister {who is working on her nursing degee}, & my younger sister. It was nice to go with my mom, she was able to show, as well as explain the injuries my niece sustained, giving us a much better understanding of what her recovery will intail. And speaking of our niece, she had the stitches in her back removed & is now home & working on getting around with a wheelchair trying to do things she's capable of on her own. Next week she will have a tutor coming to the house to help her catch up on her studies. My SIL said she still tires easily, but has difficulty sleeping because of the pain. But all in all is doing very well.
On to other news ~ the little snippet of a kit is now a full kit ready for the store on Monday. It's called "Crack-A-Lackin" and was so much fun to make. Now, you may be askng "What the devil is crack-a-lackin???" It's a phrase I heard Savannah saying to her friends on day while chatting on the phone. I asked her what it ment she said it means "Whatever you want it to mean. So, if something or someone is cool they're 'crack--lackin'; if something or someone is lame they can be 'crack-a-lackin' ~ just depends." I love the word, it sounds cool {or should I say 'crack-a-lackin'!} and I must say this kit is definately crack-a-lackin {meaning cool!}! The alpha was also so much fun to make with all the little clusters hope you like as much as I do ;)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just a Little Peek....

I'm still working on my latest kit, but thought I'd leave a little teaser here for you all to see what is in the works. Also wanted to give an update on our neice. Her back operation went very well, but she is in alot of pain. They fitted her for a brace & have had her up in the wheelchair almost every day. Yesterday she was moved to an acute rehab center where she'll be for the next 2-3 weeks. She's been up & down with her emotions. One day she doesn't want her mother around, doesn't want her to push her in the wheelchair, and is plain annoyed with her. (Typical for a teen!) But then she'll have a day when she's in such pain, she wants her mom to stay all night w/ her & hold her hand. My SIL said she's getting the maximum amount of pain meds, but still has alot of pain. The girls have the day off from school tomorrow, so hubby is going to take them to visit her & hopefully cheer her up some.
Now, on to that little peek of the latest kit in the works~

Until next time.....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kid Pics

I managed to get a couple of pics from our latest photo shoot scrapped, and I'm working on a new kit! I'll keep the kit underwraps for now, but here are the 2 LOs I managed to get done ~

Credits ~ Papers from my kit Chicklets. Frame from Sara Batdorf

Everything from Wild Love by Shabby Princess. {Awesome kit!!}

Until next time.....