Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My 3 Beauties

Just before Christmas Savannah was playing around with her camera taking pics of Riley near the Christmas tree. But these weren't your typical "pose in front of the tree" photos, oh no siree. Not when Savannah is the "Photog" {her phrase!} I was so amazed at the shots she got, & then Riley took some of Savannah. Not quite the same caliber, but great shots just the same. I wanted to send them off to the Relos, so asked Savannah to take some of the same of Darien. Darien was being very uncooperative, so Savannah gave up & I took over. Well, let me tell you ~ I got all kinds of criticisms from "Little Miss Photog"! I just couldn't get it right posing Darien, or getting myself in the correct position to take the shot. She actually huffed & left the room!! Diva!! Here is the result {I ajusted to B & W} ~


Serena said...

OH My ! Gorgeous! 4,5 and 6 are my ultimate favorites! I love how her hair seems to be floating! Very nice my friend! :D

Erin said...

Those are great! What an amazing little photog you have there.

Lisa said...

Great pictures...I really like number 6 with the flowing hair!! The black and white is great. :)

Nj0 said...

Wonderful pics of your girls. Looks like ya'll had fun taking them.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
I'm like everyone else, I like the floaty hair picture best.