Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Day to Myself

The girls went to their cousins' for the day & hubby was off playing disc golf. So I had an entire day to myself. And what did I do with a whole day to myself you ask? LAUNDRY!! That's right, I spent the entire day getting every single bit of laundry done & off the laundryroom floor. (And since our washer & dryer are in the garage, our laundryroom floor is very big!!) But don't despair, in between loads I was able to make a preview of my new kit, upload it to the website & zip up all the contents. You wouldn't think that would take a whole day, but my computer crapped out on me awhile ago, so I took over the girls', which is a bit slow. And I did take a nap for an hour!! I was going to scrap wedding pics of hubby & me (our 13th anniversary is March 13!!!), but felt too lazy. Maybe next time. So... if the suspense of what the entire new kit looks like has been killing you, here is a preview of 'What-eVer' ~ (haven't those of us with pre-teens & teens heard that more times that we care to remember??)

1 comment:

Cass said...

Oh, what a thing to do on your day off (the laundry, not the kit!!).

The kit looks fantastic though - love those metal elements and the colours are so yummy!