Saturday, February 25, 2006

Late Milestones

My girls have all been late on certian 'growing up' milestones. Such as getting hair. They were virtually bald until the age of one. First hair cut to put in the baby books?? That never happened until they were 6 or 7 & had hair to cut! They were also about a year old before they got their first baby tooth. As a result, they lost their first baby tooth at about age 6. Except the youngest, Darien. She is 7, never had a "first hair cut" (not that she'd let me cut it anyway!), or lost her first tooth. Many kids in her 2nd grade class have lost as many as 10! So now she's convinced she has a loose tooth. It's not really. But I play along, 'cause, Hey I don't want to burst her loose tooth bubble! :) One of the milestones she's also late on is riding a 2 wheeler. And I can completely understand. I didn't want to let go of my training wheels either until I was 7. But the other Hubby took her out & helped her ride her new bike solo. And SHE DID IT!! She was so proud of herself & proudly posed while I tried to get a good shot of the event. Unfortunately, I got only 2 pictures that actually had her in them & they're not all that great. So, she has to take Daddy & the bike out of the backyard & give it another try so I can get some better pics! So here she is; my "baby" riding solo ~

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Cass said...

Congrats to Darien - what a big grin she's got, she looks very proud!!