Monday, March 02, 2009

The Scent of Spring

It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful today. Sorry to those of you in the North East :( That is why I moved from Mass. 18 years ago!!! It is currently 90 degrees, a lite breeze & the wonderful scent of orange blossoms is in the air. I have no ambition right now. I went to the market this morning {after walking the youngest to school} my 3 girls still insist we feed them!! LOL And now all I want to do is sit out on the deck with a good book & waste the day away. Of course after about an hour outside my allergies will kick in & then I'll feel miserable :b So I am catching little doses of Spring air at a time ~ sweeping off the deck, walking to the mail box, sweeping off the front stoop, etc.
In between all that, I'm working on another goodie for you {so be sure to check back for that} and my sister's site. She makes beautiful handmade jewelry {click the banner on the right to visit her store} and she just sent me a bunch of pictures of earrings she recently completed. Now I need to edit them & get them in the shop. So, off to sweep a bit, then back to the ol' grind stone! Hope you all have a great day ;)

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