Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have been working on re-vamping my sister's web site, as well as taking pictures of what seems like thousands of pieces of jewelry, for the past 2 days. My head is hurting, my eyes are blurry & my wrist is aching. Time to quit. I was working on a new kit; most of it's done ~ I just need to make the preview & package it all up. But I no longer have the energy. I was going to upload more freebies too, but that just takes too much energy!! LOL
Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to Mom's house where I'll be helping her organize her sewing rooms {yes she has 2} & building shelves. an all day project. I've come to the conclusion her sewing rooms will never be really organized. She has so much fabric & notions it's difficult to know where to start. And she keeps buying more!!! LOL I keep telling her she has a problem & needs FA {Fabricaholics Anonymous}!! LOL
I'm off to get some dinner for me & the girls then surfing the channels & vegging for the rest of the night....

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