Friday, January 30, 2009

The Fridge Accident

I went through the many photos sitting on my hard drive & found this one {as well as the letter that went with it}.

Kit used is Whitewash; frame from Blythe; doodle arrows by me; alpha by Nikki Scott

Here is a close up of the letter they left me.
Click on the letter for a full size view ~

Kids can be so weird.....

Now whether or not Savvy actually lost a bobbie pin in the fridge, she did pull out all the bottom drawers and climb in. I think they just wanted to see if she could fit in the fridge but I couldn't get any of them to admit it. They wrote down their stories & are sticking to them!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I love the layout, and the letter even more! You've got yourself some pretty creative kids!