Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hello??? Hello??? Anyone out there??
I’ve been one crappy Blogger these past 4 months :( Please forgive me.... I’ve been consumed with work & the girls, but now things are slowing down a bit. For now anyway! LOL
I was given the responsibility of taking over all the designing at work & we were sooo behind that I was designing all day at work & then bringing it home to catch up & finish. But now I have an underling {or as one co-worker put it my “Design Bitch”!}to help.
Thank goodness things have quieted down around the house with the girls as well. Savannah has finished up with cheer for this school year so we have a bit of a break from that. But….all girls have to try out for next year’s squad, and she made Varsity!! All girls trying out practice for a week learning a cheer & dance then on Friday they had the actual try out. Thurs. the girls were taught a new dance & Savannah wasn’t in practice because she had a choral concert. That Fri. she had about 30 mins. before the try outs to learn the dance & the Varsity Coach was so impressed at how quickly she picked up the moves & was able to execute it with just 1 small goof! I’m so very proud of her!! Unfortunately, Varsity practices much more than JV, so next week it starts with 2 practices a week. **Sigh**
I’ve been browsing the web checking out what’s new at all my favorite Digi sites & love, love, love what I’m seeing so many designers creating. My favorites are
Funky Playground, Cat Scrap, & of course Shabby Princess. I’ve got the designing itch in my fingers after looking at all their yummy creations!! LOL So, I think I’m going to put off designing for work at home {unless I’m under a deadline}& try to do more digi designing. My websites been neglected as well & needs some much needed attention. {I’ve been running a 55% off sale & it COULD end at any time, so if you’d like some great bargains, get over to the Shop now!} Not to mention I haven’t scrapped a page in I don’t even remember when!!
I must get kids to school & then I’m off to work. Have a great day & I hope to be back soon. {Maybe even with a little goodie!! ;)}

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Barbwire said...

Welcome back. Doesn't time go by fast lately? Before we know it, summer will be here and over with. LOL
Thanks for the heads up on your sale, gonna head on over there now to check it out.
Good luck with your "designing urge", I'm sure something really great will be the result.