Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

OK. It’s not quite the New Year, but it is New Year’s Eve! I’m going into work this morning for just a few hours, then the youngest 2 are going to friends for a New Year’s Eve Bash Sleepover. They’re so excited & have been doing a daily countdown since Thanksgiving!! LOL I’m not sure what Hubby & I will be doing, since Savannah will be home. He may work {he drives a taxi cab} since this is a big night for people who want to drink but not drive ~ which is fine with me if he works, that’s extra money for us!! LOL
Hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. The girls & I went to my Mom’s on Sunday the 23rd to celebrate it with her & my 2 sisters. Mom didn’t do the big dinner this year, we just munched on cheese, crackers & veggies, drank lots of egg nog & sparkling grape juice! Then after opening all our gifts, we played our favorite game of all time ~ UNO!! We play it every time we get together & it goes on & on & on & on…..We’ve literally had one game last for 4 hours!!
Christmas day we went to my SIL house to spend it with her, her 2 kids, & the rest of Hubby’s family. Hubby’s Aunt, her husband & his Grandma drove from Nebraska & his cousin flew in from New York.
After opening all the gifts, it’s his family’s tradition to see a movie on Christmas day. Hubby’s Uncle buys the gift certificates ahead of time, and then we decide what movie to see. This year we saw National Treasure ~ Book of Secrets. Pretty good movie. It was decided we should catch the 2:20 showing, so we gather up kids, decide who is going with who & leave for the theater. Hubby, the kids & I as well as his Mom & boyfriend get there, but didn’t want to get the tickets yet because the rest of the family had yet to arrive. My SIL & the rest of the crew finally arrive 10-15 mins after us & the 2:20 show is sold out. So we get tickets for the 3:20 show & wait @ the theater behind about 75 other people for an hour to get decent seats. Crazy!! But, we enjoyed the movie & head back to my SIL house for my MIL to make her famous & delicious enchiladas. Needless to say, my SIL forgot to get all the ingredients for enchiladas so Hubby’s Mom was going to take us to dinner, but the only restaurant open on Christmas day was Denny’s. NOT where I want to go for a Christmas dinner!! It was about 7:30 PM by then, the girls were getting cranky & hungry. So we head back home & have a Christmas dinner of burritos!! Not quite your traditional Christmas dinner!! LOL

I must be off to work now. Have a save & Happy New Year. ;)

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Anonymous said...

It is funny how sometimes things don't turn out how we planned. I too spent the holiday with in-laws. Always interesting. Be careful sharing your true feelings on the internet for all to see. You never know who may read it!