Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brrrrrr...Baby It's Cold Outside!!

It has been soooo cold this weekend! If there is one thing I could do without, it's the cold weather ~ LOL! I moved to AZ from MA to get away from the snow & freezing cold, & now we've had 2 days with highs in the low 50's. Yuck. The girls even found a small puddle in the grass from the sprinklers that had frozen!! Not what I wanted to deal with in "sunny Arizona!" I know, I know ~ stop your whining; 50 is a waming trend for many!! LOL. Beause I'm a big baby & won't go out in the cold unless absolutely necessary {like yesterday; I had to go to the grocery store, or we'd starve!} I did get a kit finished! Yeah!!! Chicklets is a pretty cool kit perfect for many kinds of layouts. Check it out & only $6.00 in the Store!!


Lisa said...

You can whine all you want....I live in central FL, so I know what a high in the 50's will do to ya!! Your Chicklets kit looks the colors in it. Stay indoors and out of the "cold"!! :)

Judy said...

You have my permission to whine, too!
Baby, it's cold out there! Upper 30's right now...And the worst is yet to come for us =(
The only reason I got out today was to go get some crackers to go with my chili! I made chicken stew yesterday, but my brother and his 2 growing boys ate it and all the cornbread! It was a BIG pot too...LOL
I agree with Lisa...Stay inside! I took a vacation this coming week, so guess what....I'm not going anywhere else!
I like your Chicklets kit!

Ruby said...

Wah wah wah it was 13 below this morning around 9:00am.

Nj0 said...

I live in Florida too and know how it feels to be freezin'. It was in the 70's here today, only cuz it was overcast and some showers came in off the Atlantic.
I like the new Chicklets kit! The first thing I thought of when I saw the name was that Dennis The Menace movie where the kid replaces Walter Mathau's two front teeth with Chicklets...lolol.
All your kits are awesome Fernlili.
Ruby, you seriously need to start thinking about moving 13 below arrrgh!