Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sorry :(

Thanks to those who let me know that the zip file for part #10 had a paper in it from part #8. With all those parts I had to bundle up, there was bound to be a goof!! LOL Anyway, here is the link to get the correct paper ~

missing part #10 paper

Have a great weekend ;)

Thank you for your interst in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.


Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for the email update about the missing paper and for the paper itself!

Felicia McB said...

gorgeous! thanks so much! can't wait to play with this kit

Anonymous said...

I think I forgot to leave a couple of comments but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your shares. Thank you so much for sharing!

Nj0 said...

On the TENTH day of Christmas, Fernlili gave to me..
A Snowflaky Stripey paper,
A tag, and a ribbon poof,
Some ribbon and a SWIRLY,
A mini frame, gingham treed paper and a PROOooNG,
Some knotted gingham ribbons
more pretty gingham ribbons,
one dated ticket, one cool paper,
A set of beribboned paperclips,
some pretty gingham ribbons,
a nice set of hardware,
and some papers embellished with trees.
Thank you so much!
I hope you don't mind me being silly like this, I really do appreciate this beautiful kit! said...

I'm not going to complain about a gift , I've already missed out on parts 1-3 so a missed paper is nothing. Everybody has those days when everything runs together so no worries sweetie thanks for sharing