Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Freebie & Contest

It's a new month & I actually have a new freebie up in time!! LOL
One night Savannah & I were playing Scrabble & one of the words she had was 'dots'. Just goofing around I said "Dots of love Sweetie!" Then I thought, "Hey! That'd be a cool name for a kit!" So this month's freebie is what I've decided to call "Dots of Love Micro Mini". It's got fewer elements than my usual minis, but it's not just a paper pack.

I'm also having a contest. I've made a new kit, but am stumped for a name. So, I'm asking all of you to give me some help. In return the winner will recieve the kit FREE!! I love to name my kits with names that are a bit off beat, so give me your best, I'm counting on you to give me something not so boring & usual!!! Post a comment with your suggestion (don't forget to include your email adress!!) and on October 8th I will announce the winner. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!!! Here is a preview of the kit ~


Anonymous said...

How about Mocha Latte or Off the Beaten Path or Ashbury Heights.
Teresa Bishop

Felicia McB said...

Definitly daised
or Daised and Confuzed

Just so people don't think I can't spell, I spelled dazed wrong because the flowers look a bit like daisies.

Anonymous said...

Floral Fandango or
Floral Fiesta


Rene said...

How about Terra Daisy? Might come up with a few more later....
Rene (

Laura said...

Flower Power
Daisy Crazy

Laura angelrose992 said...

Eccentric Daisy
Zany Daisy
Sophisticated Daisy
Confuzzled Daisy
Fresh as a Daisy

KimberlyP said...

Grandma's linens
My Sister's Faded Dress
My Old Raggedy Ann

dodo said...

how about
Chase Your Dream

Anonymous said...

How about,Rustic Warmth, Terra Cotta and Greens,

DixieDoesPSP said...

It reminds me of my grandma so y thoughts are: Grandmas Garden, Scents of a Garden,Grandma Remembered, Steps back in time, Memories
Hugs Kellie

Anonymous said...

How about Upsy-daisy or whoops-a-daisy or is it ooops-a-daisy.

hannah said...

Raspberry Mint
Mint Raspberry Craze
Terra Flora

Laura said...

Calm, Cool, Collected

Julie P said...

Botanical Blast

pamperedpeterson AT

kelly said...

Here are my suggestions:

Pulchritudinous Petals
(def.-"having great physical beauty and appeal")
Minty Mocha Rose
Relaxed Rose
Timid Teal
Petal Power


Anonymous said...

Bloomin' Fun

Fabo Fun Flowers

FernLili's Fabo Fun Flowers

Flowin' Fab Flowers

Flowin' with Flowers

That's all I have for now!!

Dean said...

I like Flower Flurry
Great kit!

Dri Mendes said...

1 ) Delicate
2 ) Harmony
3 ) Beautiful Flowers

Kisses, Dri Mendes

MJNMS said...


Anonymous said...

Makes me think of "Home is Where the Heart Is"

Alice McElhiney

Betsy said...

Ruby Tuesday


moog25 said...

"There's Mint In My Cocoa!" maybe a bit too offbeat? Anyhow, that was the first thing to come to mind.
Margery Scow

corri/mlmmom said...

Sierra Mist


Corrigarrison@gmail (dot)com

Anita said...

Peppermint Dream
Seduced by your scent
Dreams of a daisy

Angie said...

Hi! Lovely kit how about naming it:

Frolicking Florals
Girly Goodness
A Terra Cotta Treat
Blissful Blooms
Mellow Mint
Fluent in Flowers (or Florals) **