Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Want Some Pasta, Baby, Tonight

Savannah can be so funny sometimes (when she's not having a tantrum or fit over minor events. She IS after all 12 years old, & a HUGE drama queen!). The girls have gotten into watching Dancing with the Stars, especially Darien (the youngest at age 7), and were watching the premiere the other night. One of the dances was being performed with a song that I think Donna Summer recorded called Hot Stuff. Ya know "I want some hot stuff, baby. Give me some hot stuff baby tonight". As the dancers were dancing, & the song was playing, Savannah turns to me & asks, "Does that song say 'I want some pasta, baby tonight'?" I laughed so hard!! I told her "Yeah, it's the new Olive Garden theme song!" After I told her what the lyrics really were, we had a big laugh at what she thought they were, and were singing "I want some pasta, baby. Give me some pasta, baby tonight" for half the night! And she tells me I'm weird!! On a completely different note, here is a layout I did of Savannah when she was 2 years old. It's called banna boo, cause that's one of the nick names I used to call her, which I am forbidden to call her now, especially in front of friends (like I'd do such a thing!!). She was so cute (but fast becoming the HUGE drama queen she is today!) I used to love all the curls in her hair, but now at age 12, she absolutely hates them & works hours at getting her hair straight! (Which I can relate to, since I, too, have all those natural curls I hate & work for hours to be rid of & others pay money just to get!)

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Cass said...

Oh, that's a crack up!!

I really love those baby curls too... what gorgeous hair (and a gorgeous layout).... :)