Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I've been backing up all the files on my hard drive. Burning them onto CDs. I started with the kits I've made, got 3 discs full, and have moved onto kits I've purchased. That has been taking for-EVER!! I have so many kits; both freebies & purchased!! I think it's going to take me the rest of the week to get them on CD. Then I spent part of the weekend updating my web site. I had a bunch of layouts, by both me & my Creative Team Members, I needed to upload. So between messing on the 'puter & spending at least SOME time with the girls, my Blog has been ignored just a bit. But, last week I did get one layout done. Yeah!! I used my new kit ~ Stupid Cupid to scrap one of the pictures of Darien from our photo shoot last weekend.


Leslie said...

Oh, I've been doing the same thing too. I'm afraid my puter might crash anytime. I want to be prepared.

Leslie said...

Fernlili! I just tagged you. No violent reactions, please! Let us know you're answer.