Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Little Funny

Check this out. It's pretty funny & a very unique way to market your here

On another note, things have been a bit topsie-turvie the past couple days. We needed the apartment bombed for roaches {uuggg!!!} and the office told me the exterminator would be here Tuesday morning. So we clear out ALL the kitchen cabinets, ALL the bathroom cabinets, pack in boxes ALL our towels, linens & clothes on Sunday & Monday, only to find out the ding-bat office lady told us the wrong day!!!! They were scheduled to come on Wednesday!! Do you have any idea what a pain it is to have an entire house packed up while living in it??? I did leave out 1 plate, bowl & utensil for each member & ordered Chinese on Sunday, but had to pull out a few pots & pans to make dinner Monday & last night. Now, little by little, I'm putting just what we need for the next 3 months back. Whatever we don't absolutely need, I'm leaving in boxes, for when our lease is up in July I have less to pack!! And to top off a wonderful week, rent is due, I need $300 by Saturday for cheer, we need groceries & work has been slow for Hubby. **Sigh** Now we're off to work & school ~ later Dudettes!!!


Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

funny website! I really was LOL while reading it.
that sux she told you the wrong date. But now it's good to go for July, like you said. :)

Lisa said...

I cannot believe you went through all of that for the wrong day!! Oh well, like you said you are that much ahead now!! Cute website, pretty inventive of her!!

Basswife26 said...

Sorry to hear that the lady was such a tool! Bonehead! At least you wont have to pack much when your lease is up now! And you are right - that site was hysterical - I read it all! LOL! Thanks and i hope tomorrow is better!

JulieBee in Iowa said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with roaches in the first place, let alone having the wrong date given to you so you were all boxed up too early. Sometimes you can only look really hard for the silver lining! It looks like you do.
Thank you for your freebies and the link to the funny website. Ha!