Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sneeking Around....

Hi guys!! Shhhhhh ~ don't tell anyone, but I'm posting this at work today. We have a display at a Home Show this weekend, so most of the shop {& bosses!!} are out setting it up. So, I stopped by to see what's happening on my little ol' Blog while I'm {supposed to} be hard at work!! Monique left a comment that she just found me & missed most of the kit. Monique, & anyone else who missed pieces/parts, need not worry ~ I will add the kit to my shop's sale rack the first of May, for an incredible, unbelievable, out of my mind low price. It will almost be like giving it away again, but I do have to pay for my web hosting some how, right??!! LOL
Anyway, it was nice to pop in under the radar, and drop a little note to those who read regularly. I guess I should do something productive, ya know look busy, just in case.... LOL
Until tomorrow ~ have a great day!! ;)


Nj0 said...

Shhhhhh.....I won't tell!

Lisa said...

Your secret is safe with me!!