Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hoppy Easter!!!

No, that's not a typo! I just love to say "Hoppy Easter"! LOL Savannah, being a "hip" 13 yr. old says I'm "soooo weird"!!! If she saw this post she'd probably tell me that "hip" is so lame!! But then again, I'm sure most mom's are lame to their 13 yr. old daughters. I know my mom was. {And sometimes ~ still is!! LOL} It's 8:32 and the girls are watching Pirates of the Caribbean II {again} and I'm waiting for them to go to bed so I can hide a few eggs. I usually go all out & they have several dozen to find, but we're in tight quarters & there are very few places to hide eggs. {No, I'm not living in the rental car!!} I started a tradition when Savannah was a yr. old, that every year, the Easter Bunny brings them a new stuffed bunny. So they'll get their bunny, a chocolate bunny & some eggs to hunt for. They're getting older {and sadly no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa or the Tooth Fairy} so a smaller Easter is OK with them. Well, with the older 2 it'll be OK. The youngest {who is 8} would love to have more candy!! That girl is a junk food junky ~ big time!!! LOL!

Anyway, I prolly won't have time tomorrow, so I'm giving you part 8 just a tad early ~ a paper & silk flower ~

grab it here

{Thank you for your interest in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.}


sharitas said...

Hoppy Easter to U 2!
Don't worry my 13yo DD thinks I'm lame too :) Maybe we should form a club & post pics of them on line LOL just to embarress them more !

XX Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for two more parts of the kit. It is appreciated! Hope you can get your mojo going again. Nothing is more frustrating than when that happens. Have a great Hoppy Easter! BettyJoR

Heddes Mama said...

Thank you so much for part 8 of the Kit!
Happy Easter!

Christine said...

This is coming together as a wonderful kit. I can't wait for the next part so I can start using it.

Thank you so much

Lots of luv


Sweet Pea said...

Thank you! And have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

The kit is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so very much for the wonderful BG!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern on the background and the beautiful flower! Thank you and happy Easter!

Joanna said...

Happy Easter - hope you had a good egg hunt.
Thanks a lot for part 8 of the beautiful kit.

Nj0 said...

Fern, have a Happy Easter!
Thank you for all the cute elements and papers for the Fresh kit. This is really a beautiful kit!
I don't think ya lost yer Mojo btw, I think it's just takin' a back seat to your Easter Mommy creativity. It's gonna be back AFTER all the hoopla of Easter is over with.
REMEMBER, the next "special" day is Mother's Day, be extra good and start hinting around to Mr. Fernlili that ya want some major bling. Don't wait, start NOWWWWWW!

Lisa said...

And a Hoppy Easter to you too! Believe me, it doesn't get any better, my 27&24 yo's still think I'm lame! I guess some things will never change!! Thanks for the pretty paper and are the best!!

Diginan,Liz said...

Well Easter is over now in this part of the world, hope your's was a pleasant one. thank you for this paper and flower. i love these lovely pastel colours. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!! Now I am off to eat my choc. bunny!! :)

tajicat said...

Thanks so much, very pretty!:)

Dawn said...

awe, shucks, I missed this one! the first paper, too. man. Thanks for the rest!