Friday, March 23, 2007


It turns out the truck wasn't quite in Tucson. It was in Mariopa, which is about 1/2 way between here & Tucson. And it's not in as bad of condtion as it sounded. The interior damage is all very repairable & the radio wasn't ripped out, just the face plate taken off. So it is now at a repair shop in town and waiting for the insurance adjuster to inspect the damage. Now we sit & wait.
Just got a report from my SIL ~ our niece is doing very well. She has had her casts removed & is wearing walking "boots", but is still unable to put any weight on her feet. She has to go for a CAT scan to see if her right leg still needs a plate. {The bone broke through the skin, so they didn't put in a plate for fear of infection.} After the CAT scan, they'll know if she'll need another operation. So we wait & see. She has gotten the go ahead to go back to campus & join her classmates in a few classes, but for only 1/2 the day. A nice break from the bordom of laying around the house all day!!
Off to getting kids to school & me to work, so until next time....


Lisa said...

Good to hear your truck wasn't as bad as you had thought! Thanks for the update on your niece. I know she will be glad to get out of the house and be with her friends!! Have a great weekend.

Serena said...

I'm glad to hear that both your truck and neice are better than thought. Hugs to you and yours!