Monday, March 12, 2007

Miserable, Crappy Weekend...

Yes, that was my weekend & today I have to go to work! It's been beautiful here ~ in the low 80's, but my allergies acted up ~ BAD ~ so I really didn't enjoy any of it. My eyes are so red, itchy & puffy, and I've sneezed more times in 1 hour than I care to think about! I've taken my allergy tablets, but they always take a while to kick in. Then when they finally do, I'm drowsy! I've never had allergies before until I became pregnant w/ my first daughter. Go figure. I did sit down at the computer & between bouts of sneezing, blowing my nose & itching my eyes, I pumped out a LO!! Yeah!! It's a scraplift of Cori's 'Tiny Toes' over a Digi Shop Talk ~ whatcha think?

credits ~ background paper, cardboard strip, messy ribbon, blue flower, blue ric rac ~ Miss Mint - Craft Jar; paper strips, stitching & flower ~ Shabby Princess - Festival; peelng paint heart ~ Julie Mead - Weathered Delights Mini; heart paper tear ~ Steph's Digial Paper Tearing; paper strip alpha ~ Traci Simms


Anonymous said...

very pretty -- love the soft colors and the bunching of elements. Sorry about your allergies -- mine didn't show up until I hit 35 and the best things that work for me are the sprays --nasonex and astelin -- they are non-drowsy. i tried every pill on the market, prescription and OTC, and all made me drowsy and parched -- leading to the other fun side effect of drinking tons of water and spending hours in the bathroom. Hope you feel better

Nj0 said...

I like it too, it's really pretty.
I'm sorry your allergies are giving you a hard time, mine are acting up too. This time of year really does me in, but I love it!