Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Silly Me

It was brought to my attention that I announced part #6 for today instead of part #5. It was 5:30 AM when I posted it, & I guess my brain wasn't totally awake! LOL
Unfortunately, the remainder of my day pretty much went the same. It seemed like if I didn't write down what someone just told me, I completely forgot what we discussed!! The company I work for manufactures custom made iron products such as front entry doors, security screen doors, pool fenicng, gates, railing, etc. Anyway, I schedule all the installs & today just went to hell in a hand basket. It seemed that everything went wrong. My manager called me to discuss the day & who we had to call to reschedule & for when. I mistakenly wrote down a customer's name, who was scheduled today for one crew, to reschedule for tomorrow. I called the customer to let them know the crew was unable to make the install & we had to reschedule. The customer was P.O.!! He yelled & screamed at me, wouldn't let me get in a word edgewise, then hung up on me. When I called my manager to let him know I didn't get anywhere w/ him in rescheuling, he said "No, no, that as the wrong client!!!" I tried calling the client back, but he wouldn't answer the phone!! I left a voice mail pleading for forgiveness, appoligized profusely, and let him know the install was still going to happen. Luckly, he called back a bit later & accepted my appology. I was so ready to go home at that point!! LOL
I'm now off to enjoy Riley in both her choir& band concerts tonight.
Back in the morning with part #6!! LOL

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LuAnn said...

so sorry to hear you had a way bad day! Seems like when it's off to a bad start so early, it just goes wild! LOL
chin up! tomorrow will be better ;) (we hope LOL eh?)