Friday, December 22, 2006


I'm begining to hate titles. Some days I just can't think of one. Today is one of those days!! LOL! I'm feeling very lazy. I think it's a combo my unexpected day off & knowing I'll have the next 3 days off. I want to stretch it to 4 days off & call in. But today is payday, & I still have stocking stuffers to get. I know, I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute. But I'm not as bad as Hubby, he does ALL his Holiday shopping on Christmas Eve!!
Well on to today's goodie, here is part #22 ~ 2 solid ribbons & 2 photo prongs ~

Grab them here

Thank you for your interst in my freebie, but this download is no longer available.

See you tomorrow!!!


Tamalita said...

i am terrible at titles, either for emails, or blog entries ... lol. and thanks again for a great freebie!

Anonymous said...

This time of year, for a title, you could pick a random phrase from a Christmas song.

"love and joy come to you"

"soon it will be Christmas day"

"should we open up her gifts or send them back?"

"keeping their sheep"

Thanks for the link!

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for todays DL link another great addition to your kit!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the photo prongs and ribbons! Enjoy your days off!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another piece! And I am also terrible with titles lol

Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your kit is so nice! I missed the first 2 weeks but have faithfully been visiting your site every day since I found it. I love your work!

Serena the Psycho. ;) said...

Hee! Here's a title:

ready for it?


..... wait for it...


Yes, I know, I'm sooo clever. ::grins:: hehe, okay so Seriously! Thank you once again Ms. Amazing! Good luck with your shopping!!

And have a happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

You know - this blog may be someplace I may have to stick around a bit, like your insight

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Julie said...

Thank you so very much for all your hard work..... I am so bummed out I have missed the last 3 links do to the stupid power out........ I was so looking forward to this full kit... Oh well...

Thanks again..... everyting is wonderful

Nj0 said...

Ok, I posted on the wrong I have HOLIDAY FEVER NOW. Be careful, it's contagious!

NOW where was I?

Nj0 said...
Ok, I'm late, I actually DID my Christmas shopping after work today...yesterday...FRIDAY!
ALL of it! YEAAH, I'm done!

Now, if I could just bribe someone
into coming to my house and baking
those darn cookies and making the fudge, cheesecake and pies, I'd be all set.
Any takers? (blink blink)

On the TWENTY SECOND day of Christmas,
Fernlili gave to us for freeeee,
2 Photo prongsssss and 2 solid ribbons,
A replacment photo proooooong,
and naughty ribbons threeeee,
a dated ticket,
1 new photo prong,
a colorful tag,
a tab and a buttoned ribbon cluster,
Two tags, and a tab, I love this,
Two tabs, and a tag,
A set of 3 knotted gingham ribbons
A "circley" paper, some ric rac, & a ribboned photo prong,
Still confused by these ribbons ,
Two more beribboned paper clips, one purply ribbon,
A corrected blue ribbon,
A funky c-mas tree on paper, a beribboned paperclip, and an oopsy dotted ribbon,
A felt jewel accented funky flake, a tab and a beribboned safety pin,
More lil funktified frames,
A Snowflaky Stripey paper,
A tag, and a ribbon poof,
Some ribbon and a SWIRLY,
A mini frame, gingham treed paper and a PROOooNG,
Some knotted gingham ribbons
more pretty gingham ribbons,
one dated ticket, one cool paper,
A set of beribboned paperclips,
and some pretty gingham ribbons,
a nice set of hardware,
and some papers embellished with treeeeeees.
For all these goodies, even the oopsies,
WE thaaaaaannnnk youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Nj0 said...

BTW, I like the "Keeping their Sheep" title...lolol.