Saturday, June 17, 2006

A New LO

Back in March, I wanted to get another round of pictures of the girls to send off to family. Well, Riley was off at a sleepover with their cousin Lacey, so I figured I'd get some shots of Savannah & Darien. That turned out to be a bust! Neither of them wanted their picture taken, and were being very un-cooperative. I did manage to capture an awesome shot of Savannah, though. She was giving me her "I don't want to do this, so lets get it over with" attitude when I snapped away. I think this pic looks like a magazine ad. The way she's standing (not a pose this time!), & the attitude in the shot, just screamed fashion mag ad. I played a bit with the blending mode in PSP9 to lighten & soften the photo a bit. Here is the photo ~

Here is a layout I did with it using my new kit Whine & Cheesey ~

Paper torn flowers & leaves from Steph.

I'd love to hear what you think. Off now to take the Princess to a birthday sleepover, later dudettes!!

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Julie P said...

fun pose! well, not fun for you, obviously, but still very nice. and I love the LO! the colors work well with your final outcome of the pic.