Monday, May 29, 2006

Gag Gifts

Ever get a gag gift, (& not the kind that make you want to throw up!) and just laugh about it for ages? I did. I've been without a car for the last 4 1/2 yrs and it bacame a family joke. I never really needed one. I was a SAHM and literaly everything is in walking distance ~ the girls schools, grocery store, bank, pet store, several fast food places, even a Circle K. So last year Mom bought me the "perfect car" and I finally got around to scrapping it.
Take a look ~ whatcha think?

Doodle bracket by me. Fonts ~ 2 Peas Hot Chocolate, AL Cleanliness, Blackout, 2 Peas Gimme Coffee, Pea Jane, Stamp Act Jumbled.

We still laugh about it even though I now have a car! We also laugh about my sister Janice's "Grow Your Own Boyfriend" mostly because she still doesn't have a real one!!


Joan said...

I love your "car" and the LO. It made me smile and remember some of our family jokes about cars also, especially the person who got a red sports car.(a toy of course)

Erin said...

ROTFL!!! That is too funny.

Julie P said...

LMBO!!! Hoo-eee! :D I love the boyfriend one, too. XD